Top Five Reasons To Upgrade To The Iphone Xs

upgrade to the iphone xs

Apple has done it again and shook the cell phone market with their most recent announcement of three new iPhones, one week ago. With the iPhone x still being the most prominent cream of the crop out there when whipping out your mobile device, apples next version looks to pack quite a few punches that will have you considering to throw the X in the trash. Here are the Top Five Reasons To Upgrade To The iPhone Xs.

1. Battery Life

upgrade to iphone xs

The X’s battery life is comparable to a hybrid of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8+, placing itself somewhere in the middle of these two when talking about battery longevity. The battery life with the normal sized Xs will last only 30 minutes longer than the original X, while the Xs Max will continue on to boast an hour and a half extension to battery life. If your on your phone all the time and need something to get you through the day most efficiently, the iPhone Xs Max is your upgrade.


2. Larger Screen Size

upgrade to iphone xs

If you’re coming from an iPhone 8 Plus, then the iPhone Xs would be a great upgrade. That’s because the XS comes with a 5.8″ inch OLED screen, which is larger than the 8 Plus’ 5.5″ dimension. If your looking for a more hand fitting device without sacrificing screen size, upgrading from a plus of the previous generations to an Xs would be in your best interest. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone X looking to increase your screen size greatly, then you would be inclined to the iPhone Xs Max version.


3. Dual Sim (eSIM)

upgrade to iphone xs

Do you often need to use two smartphones, perhaps one for personal and the other for work? Then the iPhone Xs’ ability for dual SIM would be a reason to upgrade. The iPhone Xs is able to have this functionality due to its new support of eSIM. However, you’ll need to be in one of the 10 countries that use eSIM, and your carrier must also support it. The process of adding a second number to an eSIM is done by adding a plan to the eSIM, which can be a tad tricky. While we won’t cover the steps involved here, just know that if you need two numbers but just want one phone, the upgrade to the iPhone Xs lets you do so.



4. Increased Storage

upgrade to iphone xs

Taking theatrical photos and videos in 4k can take up a lot of space in your storage very quickly. To answer this problem the iPhone Xs comes equipped with a fat 512GB at your disposal, with the most previous generation (X) yielding a minor 256GB in comparison. This upgrade to the iPhone Xs means you will be able to almost never worry about reaching the cap of your phone’s storage with such a vast amount of space. More games, and More pictures.


5. Enhanced Camera

upgrade to iphone xs

This is no surprise as with every new generation, Apple gives its phones a boost in image capture quality, and this generation is no different. What is different is with the Xs and Xs Max, iPhone photographers get larger sensors, improved TrueTone flash, “Smart HDR” mode, and the new ability to edit a Portrait Mode image’s depth of field after the fact. Youll be able to take pictures that should cost a million bucks anytime.

These were top five reasons to upgrade to the iPhone Xs.