Top 10 Dental Equipment Companies In United States

Dental Equipment Companies
These Are The 10 Best Dental Equipment Suppliers In The United States.

There is no better time than now to find a new dental supplier for your practice. Period. With all of the great technological advancements currently on the market and service providers creating waves in their individual niches, the right one for you is out there right now. And making the right choice can help you maximize your profitability by more effectively meeting your patient’s needs, and minimizing overall costs.

To achieve this, you will need a trusted, experienced supplier who will be transparent about your needs and connect you with top-quality resources. Luckily for you, in today’s article, we bring you our top ten list of suppliers to make your switch a no-brainer.

Ready? Good! Let’s take a look at the top dental equipment companies in the USA!

Making The Call

Before we introduce you to our top ten, let’s talk about your decision-making process. When choosing a new provider for your organization, there are some important key factors you’ll need to consider.

A company needs to have a reputation for exceptional quality before they’re a viable candidate. You might not think this is an issue (why would a company be around if they did bad work?) but the truth is a lot of suppliers fall short of where they need to be. This is obviously unacceptable when it comes to your dental supplies.

Some people opt for tradition and walking the well-trod path, but innovation and expertly designed products can make a huge difference. Reliability is still important in your instruments and you may have specific goals you want to fulfil. No matter the case, you need to choose a company that meets your needs and communicates their services effectively.

Choose between dental equipment companies with a strong legacy, proven innovation, and confirmed reliability to find the one for you.

#1. Video Dental Concepts

dental equipment companies in usa

Video Dental Concepts is a worldwide manufacturer, developer, and distributor of state-of-the-art digital imaging equipment for dental practices. Since their inception over 30 years ago, they remain an innovative, privately held company who markets directly to dental offices.

Video Dental Concepts’ mission is to bring new ideas and concepts to the field of dental imaging, testing and developing innovative products for dental practitioners. This is what sets them apart as a leader among other dental equipment companies. They stand by their outstanding products with a commitment to quality, reliability, and value.

Products and services from Video Dental include but are not limited to:

  • intra and extra-oral cameras
  • digital x-ray sensors
  • wall-mount and portable x-ray units
  • 2D and 3D panoramic 
  • cephalometric and CBCT machines
  • digital imaging and practice management software
  • installation, support and training services

#2. Acteon

Dental Equipment Company

Acteon® Group is a French medtech company specializing in tech-based medical devices. Their two technologies fall under high-frequency electronics and digital medical imaging.

High-frequency ultrasonics are unbeatable as a dental treatment. These are specifically developed for high-precision osseous surgery, obtained via an in-depth study of the elements comprising a piezoelectric vibration system. These acoustic system components are manufactured in-house, with rigorously selected and tested ceramics.

#3. XDR Imaging Through Science

best dental equipment suppliers

XDR creates advanced computer-based technologies that are equal parts accessible and clinically relevant to dental practitioners. They partner with doctors, staff, technicians and network providers, staffing their own service teams with specialists from across their service portfolio.

Proudly built for dentists by dentists, their array of sensors, software, holders, collimators, and intra-oral cameras, XDR has a solid reputation within the industry. Moreover, it’s their commitment to excellence that makes them such an important fixture among their peers.

#4. Carestream Dental

dental equipment manufacturer

Carestream Dental is transforming dentistry, simplifying tech and changing lives around the world with innovative digital product systems, solutions, and support. From imaging equipment to CAD/CAM solutions and analysis software, Carestream Dental technology captures two billion images annually. This helps to generate a more precise diagnosis for superior patient care.


dental equipment manufacturer company

Founded by DEXIS Digital Intraoral Sensor development members, Jazz Imaging’s goal is creating high-quality products with superior service and support. Offering dental professionals value-added products, their unique subscription model gives dentists access to the latest technologies at a great price.

#6. DentiMax

Best dental equipment manufacturer

DentiMax develops quality dental software and sensors at excellent prices. Specializing in complete solutions for innovative dental software and high-end dental sensors, it’s DentiMax’s commitment to quality and pricing that sets it apart.

#7. LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. 

Top dental equipment companies in usa

LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. dental imaging tech focuses on high-tech imaging software and systems. Dentists and oral health specialists get access to advanced diagnostic imaging products and software but, more importantly, an expert leadership team.

#8. RF America IDS

best dental equipment suppliers usa

RF America IDS have been in the intraoral camera industry since 2005, and maintain an intense focus on efficient and technologically advanced wireless cameras. Their DiscoveryCAM, X-ray sensors and digital panoramic X-ray units are easy to implement and high in quality.

#9. KaVo Kerr

Dental Equipment Company

KaVo Kerr bring together global leaders with a history of innovation and commitment, bringing clients healthy, beautiful smiles. With a strong brand portfolio and products ranging from diagnosis and treatment solutions to digital imaging, treatment, and lab equipment, Kavo Kerr is at the top of their game.

#10. Air Techniques

best Dental instrument suppliers

Air techniques, started in 1962, has always made its ultimate goal advancing the dental industry with top-rated products. Now, they are an international corporation, paving the way toward excellence with reliable dental products. Discover an industry-busting product portfolio and products capable of equipping the smallest or largest practice.