Tech terms every programmer needs to know

Tech terms every programmer needs to know

So you’re a novice programmer, and you’re learning all the tech terms. Good luck there are thousands of them. Luckily for you, there are few very important ones that every programmer must know. Today we’re going to be discussing important tech terms that every programmer needs to know.

1. Code

The code is what builds every piece of software you will ever use, and because of this, someone has to code every app, website, and handheld device.

2. Programming Language

Programming languages are what you must write your codes in and there are hundreds of them.

3. Data Type

Data types are what you will use to define your variables. String, boolean and number are most common data types.

4. Variable

Variables are defined as datatypes and they are anything that will change your program.

5. Constants

Must also be defined as datatypes. These are anything in your program that does not change at all.

6. Data Structures

Data structures are different ways you can represent data efficiently in computer science.

7. Algorithm

Algorithms are steps for solving a problem in the most efficient way possible. In tech, it’s a bulk of the code in your program that solves a problem efficiently.

8. Debug

Debugging is when you have to back-track and go through your code when something goes wrong. which is quite often.

In today’s article, we discussed important tech terms such as code, programming languages and data types. Also, we talked about variables, constants, data structures, algorithms, and debugging These are all important in computer science field because you will come across this a lot of times and it’s good to be well educated on these terms. Hopefully, this article helped you out and learned a little bit more about important tech terms. However, if you’d like to learn more and read some more fun articles such as this one check out our website.

Tech terms every programmer needs to know


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