Streaming Services Better Than Netflix Are Illegal

people behind Istreamitall are now charged
people behind Istreamitall are now charged

Eight people are under indictment after they were caught in running and managing two streaming; services that are better than the streaming services we currently pay for; like Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu.

These sites using Torrent site to acquire the content, Jetflicks is one operating for 10 years since 2007; making episodes available for the United States and Canada residents. Specifically, the members who are subscribers for these sites.

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The Episodes are available just one day after the streaming date; members pay as low as $9.99 per month for unlimited streaming and commercial-free; with more than 37,000 subscribers they made a decent amount of money.

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With Netflix offering nearly 4,010 movies and 1,569 TV shows as of 2018 statistics; the “iStreamItAll” nearly contains 115,849 different TV episodes and 10,511 movies and they publicly advertising; that they have more content than Netflix. Both the services work with almost any smart device or a computer and operating system. “iStreamItAll charges $19.99 per month and you can buy a whole year membership; for $179.99 for the whole year of entertainment.

All people responsible for committing conspiracy to commit criminal copyright infringement have charges aginst them; and some even getting charges connecting them with money laundering. In 2017 all equipment seized by police and 28 Mac Mini computers; using them as servers and more than 40 hard drive storage devices.