Steve Jobs Is Alive Was Found Where

steve Jobs Back to life
Credits steve Jobs Back to life Credits: Ahmed Basyouney

Steve Jobs the person behind the tech giant Apple; passing away in 2011 after eight years of cancer diagnosis at age 56. For some reason the media seem to want to bring him back to life; to fix the Mac keyboards no one seems to be able to fix.

Recently on social media Jobs seems to appear to be hiding in Egypt in a photograph;where the original share is by “Ahmed Basyouney” on facebook. But it got famous due to the picture trending on Reddit after sharing.

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As far as we know we do not exactly know who is the original owner of the picture is; but conspiracy theorist is already saying steve is still alive. Many memes already going viral on social media.

This is Steve Jobs compared to Steve no jobs

If Steve Jobs is alive he would definitely disapprove; of how the company in currently running.

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