Orthodontic Imaging Solutions: Handheld Dental X Ray Systems

Orthodontic Imaging Handheld Dental X Ray

The orthodontic imaging industry is extremely important to dentistry. Without accurate representations of a patient’s teeth, a dentist is less able to make a proper diagnosis. And, obviously, if you can’t get the imagery to start with, you’re in even less luck.

Join us today, as we take a closer look at orthodontic imaging. More specifically, as we investigate the rise of the handheld x ray system.

Orthodontic Imaging: A Dentist’s Best Friend

The invention of the modern x ray is a turning point in history that changed medicine for the better. Imaging systems that look into our bones, organs, and teeth and show doctors what’s gone wrong are a lifesaving asset. Whether it’s in identifying life-threatening complications or teeth that would cause so much less pain if they simply removed.

But it’s not without its complications. Traditional x ray machines are clunky devices that require you to stand in a separate room with someone operating a large console. They can be loud and they can be slow. For children and certain phobic patients, this kind of orthodontic imaging solution is also very intimidating to be around.

An Elegant Solution

This is where a handheld dental x ray system like Video Dental’s MobileX does its best work. High-end x ray tubes combined with state of the art control systems create a better, more mobile solution than standing in front of a wall in some cold, loud room. They remove the intimidation factor, making patients more relaxed during the x ray procedure. Not only this but with the high image quality of the x ray itself, there really isn’t any reason to use a traditional setup.

While this obviously helps the patient, it is also great for the dentist themselves, cutting down on botched passes and retakes. Moreover, orthodontic imaging allows dental technicians to take x rays at any point during the procedure.

The MobileX handheld dental x ray system removes the issue of installation, making setting up your office a cinch. It takes images in any operatory and, most importantly, is completely portable. For a truly open dentistry and x ray facilities that give you more to work with, MobileX is leading the way in portable imaging technology. For more on this and the rest of Video Dental’s extensive catalog, get in touch today!

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