When Is The Official Vine 2 Realse Date?

Vine 2 official release date
Vine 2 official release date

Vine was developed by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov, and Colin Kroll in June 2012. Vines were short looping videos that have inspired, entertained, and given rise to a creative community since 2012. From break-out comedians to musicians to fandom edits and sports, Vine had an incredible amount of growth and hype during its first 12 months of existence.

The Vine app was discontinued by Twitter (its parent company) on January 17th 2017, after failing to keep up with competing apps like Instagram. Given that the app still had a relatively active community, users were obviously really disappointed to hear the new—especially given that so many great videos had been shared on the platform over the years.

Twitter decided to turn Vine into a camera app (available for IOS and Android) so that users could at least still have some kind of app that would allow them to create fun, six-second videos that they could post to Twitter or save to their devices. Unfortunately that did not work out to well as majority of the community disliked the new implementation and gave the app horrible reviews which decrease the Vine camera reviews to 1.5 stars. 

The also put the website Vine.co online which is still available to access but website only features the old vines that had massive hits.

Now it looks like the dead Vine could be set to make a dramatic comeback.

This makes many people wonder “Is Vine 2 A Thing? 

Dom Hoffman, has been tweeting about-hinting that his been working on developing the new version of original Vine.  He stated “I’m going to work on a follow-up to vine. I’ve been feeling it myself for some time and have seen a lot of tweets, dms, etc.”

Hoffman, called it the “Vine 2” which is now 100% official!

He also tweeted the follow-up tweet that quote “I’m funding it myself as an outside project, so it doesn’t interfere with the (quite exciting) work we’re doing at the company, which is my first priority.”

Vine 2 Realse Date is not yet set but Hoffman launched the V2 community forums on January 17.

What are these forums for?

V2 Community forums were created to gather feedback and discuss ideas everyone has, but Hoffman anticipate’s that much of the conversation on these forums will be initiated by the community itself. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but here are a few ideas:

  • Artists and creators: Their experiences, hopes, and dreams
  • Viewers: Meaningful conversation and analysis about their favorite kinds of videos
  • Peoples thoughts on online videos in general
  • Peoples ideas and wishes for the service
  • Improvements that they could make to the V2 forum to make it more fun and easier to use

As of right now V2 does not have anything official. There is No official Vine 2 release date. There is NO official Instagram account. There is NO official merchandise. There is NO official chat. There are** NO** other official sites, Twitter accounts, beta offers, or apps.

Only way to get any informative information about the Vine 2 Release Date is to follow Dom Hoffman on tweeter or become the member of the Vine 2 Forum community where he himself and the staff actively update the announcements.



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