Irresistible Video Ads That Turbo-Charge Your Sales


Introducing your NEW sales generation secret weapon.

Irresistible Video Ads That Turbo-Charge Your Sales, Customers & Profits In Less, Than 60 Seconds.

One Software 100X The Results

Clipman 2.0 is what happens when you take a normal video ad maker, BURN it to the ground… Then go back to the drawing board with $10-million dollars’ worth of results, case studies, and client feedback to build an agency-powered ‘video ad maker’ with a just one goal:


Endorsed & trusted by leading online
marketing experts…

You’ll Be Able To Easily Create 
World Class, Money Making Videos
Like These!

And that’s just the beginning…

…every other ad maker requires designers.
We prefer taking inspiration from people who know how to sell.

That’s why every Clipman template is modelled on the best ads in eCommerce.
Million-dollar sellers, massive hits and stunning campaigns… and you’ve got a library full of them.


Problem is…

the cost to put just a couple

of high converting video ads together


We’re talking hundreds and sometimes THOUSANDS of dollars out of plucked right out of your pocket… before you even have an opportunity to test if the ads actually work.

But ‘Raul’ maybe I can use some video editing software to do it?

Yes that will work if you’re prepared to spend hundreds of hours learning how to navigate complex video editing software? Then every time you want to reproduce an ad that works it’s going to take you hours to make the changes and adjustments you need to make.

Ever heard of putting the cart before the horse? It’s what you’re doing when you invest too much time into something without a guaranteed tested result. Successful ecommerce companies aren’t successful because they spent hours trying to put together successful high quality videos with expensive software. They are successful because they use a ‘Fail fast’ mentality. They want their ads to fail as fast as possible for the lowest cost possible so they can then track, test and tweak to overtime create ads that are dangerously successful.

Let’s face it…putting together high converting professional ‘ageny grade’ video ads that fill your pockets full of profit have always been a nightmare. Well that is until now!

It’s called

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4 Reasons Clipman 2.0 Is The LAST Video Ad SoftwareYou’ll Ever Need

Turn ANY Product Page Into A High-Converting Video Ad In Just 60 Seconds

Find your product, grab the URL, push a button… BOOM!

How many products do you have?

Imagine being able to take ANY of their pages, hit a button,
and have a perfectly rendered video ad appear in seconds…

Sounds impossible? Then check out this video of Clipman doing exactly that.

Making stunning ads for EVERY product you sell has never been this easy.

Conversion-Focussed e-Com Templates Built To Sell

Every template, perfect specifications, modelled on winning strategies…

Choose from 50+ high-converting templates each professionally tweaked and tested to meet the exact specifications of some of the most successful eCom campaigns today.

With Clipman 2.0 you get to be store owners who goes to bed before midnight and sleeps like a baby, while others toss and turn all night staring at the Facebook ads interface nervously clicking refresh.

It works for any business & niche and you can customize everything!

But Raul… If Clipman 2.0 is so popular wont my ads become less effective if everyone else is using your templates to?

We obviously would love to have all of the millions upon millions of advertisers that use Facebook’s ads system each and every day. The fact is so far 7000 users are using Clipman 2.0 actively today! The ads templates themselves, their length and effectiveness has been scientifically proven to convert through thousands of split tests, millions of dollars in ad spend and hours upon hours of research. These ads work! If someone has an interest in your product then these ads will present that product In the most convincing way possible encouraging them to buy.

Get Out Of The Slow Lane – Kick Your Business Into Turbo By Creating Dozens Of Ads At Once

One product, multiple video ads, ready in minutes.

Clipman 2.0 helps grow your e-com business from day one 
by making A/B testing effortless.

By automatically creating multiple videos from the same URL 
you can set up split tests for each campaign you’re running. You can 
save money on your testing budgets because the software will cut losing variations 
as soon as it identifies a winner.

Save your time (and your sanity) by taking the confusion 
out of Facebook’s Ad Manager.

It’s no secret that Facebook’s Ad Manager is like a leech sucking away all of your time. Here’s how you take back control and remove it from your life for good without sacrificing any of your results.

Clipman 2.0 user-friendly dashboard lets you set all the key details…

And then all you do is hit publish, and your perfectly formatted, 
targeted ads will be sent direct to Facebook for approval, 
including EVERY ONE of your A/B test variations.


Other Video Software Would Kill To Just Have One Of Clipman 2.0’s Core Features…

And You Can Have All 4 of Them

But it’s what you can DO with them that counts…

  • Clipman 2.0 makes professional video ads from e-commerce product pages in a couple of clicks and less than 60-seconds.
  • HD video ad templates to obliterate the e-commerce learning curve and build an e-com store that pays for itself sooner.
  • Boost your ROI by cutting out designer fees, agency fees, and outsourced staff fees by only using proven video ads templates to create better CHEAPER ads in minutes.
  • Save time and money by removing the need for expensive video equipment and editing software.
  • Clipman 2.0 Sells your products using videos that look like a top design agency painstakingly built them by hand.
  • Sync up with Facebooks algorithm and leverage Facebook’s love of video then turn it into hard cash.
  • Create, fine tune, and publish your ads directly to Facebook from inside Clipman 2.0.
  • Scale your business with ease! Clipman 2.0 creates split tests whenever you create a new campaign, and uploads them directly to Facebook. It’s beyond easy.
  • Grow and maintain a hugely profitable client-based business at no extra expense.
  • Build a retargeting list to turn watchers into buyers and buyers into repeat customers retargeted at massively reduced prices.