Instagram Stories, A New Way to Share Music.

Instagram stories and shazam
Instagram stories Shazam feature

If you haven’t noticed by now, the Instagram stories feature and Shazam has recently collaborated. Instagram felt the need partner up with Shazam; In order to stay relevant and keep up with the changes in the marketplace. After TikTok release; which is a music based social network. where you can take a video and add a song to it.

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If you have the latest Shazam’s update, and and an iPhone with just a few taps; you can add your favorite songs to your Instagram stories.

Apple owns Shazam now; and for that reason it is no surprise that using this feature is simple and easy. All you have to do is Shazam a song the same way you usually do.

Once Shazam identifies the song, a pop up screen with two options “buy” or “add to” buttons. On the right of these options there is “…” by clicking on that; In a pop up option menu; you will see “Share” option, by tapping it will forward you to another list that have the option “Instagram Stories”; Once you select this option; your story will display the name of the song, the artist name and how many Shazam’s the song has.

What Is Shazam?

Shazam is an amazing free service app, with over billion downloads and 20 million songs Shazamed a day. Shazam allows it users to identify any track; all you have to do is open the app > tap on the Shazam button. Shazam will start to listen to the music through your phone’s microphone; In addition the app will give you all the track’s information and more detailed information about the artist and tour dates.

Once Shazam is identifies a song, as a result it will give you other options; Like opening the song in streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. As well as the option to purchase the song on iTunes or share it on social media. Sharing a song on your instagram story has become more popular

Apple bought out Shazam for $400 million dollars in 2018, and made it ads free. Shazam and Apple go way back; Shazam was one of the first apps to enter the apple app store 10 years ago. Shazam’s services started in London; in spite of launching their services in 2002, they did not take off until the arrival of the iPhone in 2007.

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This Instagram X Shazam is only available on the iPhone App Store, and there is no news on when it will be available for android devices.