How to use Instagram


Instagram is free networking app that allows users to capture and share images, videos and stories. Instagram is constantly updating and introducing new features, this growing list of capabilities becomes difficult to keep up with. In conclusion, it is important to stay updated on these features in other words know how to utilize them properly.

Creating Your Instagram Profile 

The first step is downloading the app, after downloading the app open it. In other words You can sign up with either your Facebook account or by providing an email address and a password.

Instagram, how to create an account

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The second step is to come up with a good Username, the username is very important; and it must be unique and catchy. Every instagram Username is different, and sometimes the name you want is already someone else’s account. However to be unique you should use your name, and if your name is already in use; avoid using numbers after the username and be more creative. Many fake bots and instagram accounts end with numbers you don’t want your page to be mistook for one.

For business use the business name and or a name that relates to what you are offering. EX: if @Johnsmith is in use avoid @johnsmith123 and try John_s or Johnsm

How To Add A Profile Picture On Instagram?

Adding a picture is super easy, go on the Instagram app by clicking the profile page; press the circle with your profile picture where arrow number 1 is. This will take you to your profile on the top left, you can see the “+” next to the circle by the picture. By tapping the blank circle by your name (this is where your profile photo will go); however you can either take a new picture or import one from your gallery, Facebook, or Twitter.

What’s An Instagram BIO

By pressing the Edit Profile button (arrow 2), this will allow you to change the name of your instagram page. Allowing you to edit the Username and pick a new one. If you want to and link your website to the page, instagram only authorize only one site per profile.

Instagram Bio section is where you introduce your self to the world for intsatance; Bio is the first thing visitors will see when visiting your profile. In other words make sure you are using the right words to describe your page, in order to attract more relevant followers.

Find People To Follow

As a result of instagram rapid growth of more than a billion daily users, finding people to follow is easier than ever. In other words most people you know already have an instagram; to find friends you can either click the magnifier 🔍 symbol in the bottom toolbar and search by username.

Or you can click the three line symbol form your profile page, and click discover people. This is where can search for friends that have linked their contacts,Facebook and Twitter accounts to Instagram. After that following accounts you like will help Instagram’s algorithms learn what you like; and recommend photos and videos in the Discovery tab.

The “saved” symbol, is where you can access the saved picture; you pick to save as you are surfing the instagram feed.

How To Post Your First Photo Or Video

  1. Adding a picture
  2. Adding stories
  3. DM (direct messages)
  4. Instagram stories
  5. likes, comments and sending posts.
  6. Instagram activity feed
  7. Save a post

Adding A Picture On Instagram

To post your first photo or video, simply tap on the plus sign box icon where “arrow 1” is . You can then either take a photo, record a video, or choose a picture you already took from your photos. After the picture loads, you can hit next and this will take you to the editing screen. Here you’ll be able to apply filters or even create your own filter manually. The app enables you to crop, change exposure, boost the saturation, increase sharpness, add a vignette, color, and much more.

Moving forward, instagram will ask you to add a caption, hashtags, geotags, as well as sharing the same post; on other social media sites. like: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, or Swarm.

Posting a video is very similar; instagram will allow you to choose a filter, trimming the video and choosing a cover for the video. Make sure the cover of the video is eye catching.

One thing to keep mindful of while posting pictures; instagram is an app that is portrait-oriented. photos will appear larger in the feed; since the app is vertically-oriented. Therefore you should consider using portrait mode more often than square or landscape; as well as planning your shots accordingly to be more visually friendly.

How Can I Tag People On Instagram?

When posting a picture on instagram, you might have other people in your picture like family, friends, brands or places. On the last editing page You can tag people; Simply click on any space on the picture, a search screen will pop up and you can type their Username. Moving forward, You should see a list of suggestions as you type; sometimes you need to follow the person you are tagging in order to be on your suggestion list.

In case you forget to tag someone in a posted picture, there is no need to repost the picture; you can click on the “…” button in the upper right to bring up the menu, select Edit, and then tap Tag People.

How To Mention Other Instagram users

If you want to mention someone in a post, add the “@” symbol before entering their username; mentioning works best with writing a captions and comments. Mentioning someone will notify the person; a pop up notification in their instagram activity will let them know you tagged them.

P.s. Unlike Tags if you mention someone, and they later change their Instagram Username. The mention will not automatically update and you need to mention their new username.

How To Like, Comment, and Send Photos and Videos On Instagram?

Liking photos on instagram is very easy, all you have to do is double tap the picture; a heart shape will appear on the picture. Or you can click the “♡” shape by “arrow 5”, the 💬 shape button allows you to lave a comment.

If you liked a post by accident, just tap the icon again to unlike it.

The paper plane allows you to send the post as a direct message. By tapping on it you can select who you want to send it to. The post will send in a private message, only you two can see it. This is a good way to draw someone’s attention privately.

How Can I Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram In One Post?

Thankfully in 2017, instagram allowed users to post up to 10 photos in one posts as an album; The album will show up as a single post in your followers feed. This will enable your followers to swipe and see all of the photos.

To post multiple pictures at once, tap on more than one image when uploading from your gallery. Creating a carousel-style album will automatically create an inline, although you can post multiple pictures; it only allows you to write one caption per album.

How Can I Make My Instagram Account Private

When you first create your Instagram account, you have a public instagram account; this means that anyone on instagram can see what you post. Your pictures will only show up on people who follow your feed. Having your profile public, will allow people to see your activity and find your account through tags. If your goal is to grow, your page it is important to keep it public.

If you are concerned about privacy, you can change your instagram to private account; this allowing only the people you give permission to, to see your page. When someone follows your page you have to accept their request before they can see your instagram feed. To change to private, Go to your profile then tap the three line icon. This will bring up account settings, and turn on the Private Account option.

How To Link Instagram To Your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr Accounts?

Since instagram is one of the most popular social networks; connecting all of your social accounts can be beneficial to your page growth. You can link your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flickr accounts; as well as other less-popular networks.

To link your social media accounts, go to the Profile Tab > Linked Accounts > Share Settings; then select the accounts you want to link. This will give you the option to select which photos you would like to share, on each of the social networks.

How Can I Remove Photo Tag On Instagram?

when someone tags you in a picture, both you and your followers the pictures. If there is a picture that you don’t like, and don’t want people to see it on your page; you can remove the tag. To remove a tag, tap on the photo you don’t like, and your Instagram username will pop up; click on your name. A pop up menu with options to choose from will appear; then select Hide from My Profile or Remove Me from Photo.

How To Send Drect Messages On Instagram

Clicking the paper plane symbol on the main page where “arrow 3” points, allows you to compose a private message; or “DM” which stands for direct message. The messaging feature enables you to send text, photos, and videos that aren’t for public viewing. (here where the term “slide in the DM” originated).

In order to send a new message, Tap on the ➕ sign on the top right menu. This will take you to a menu with a search bar, you can tap on it and type the Username of the person you are trying to send a message to; then tap on their name. This will direct you to a new page with the persons name, where you can press the “📎” to attach images and videos.

What are hashtags?

Hashtags are a way where you can create subcategories, by creating a hashtag you are creating a new instagram page, but this page is different where everyone on instagram can post on it.

For example: You want to share a photo of your puppy so you post in the caption section using the hashtag “#dog” once its posted what it does is post your picture in the “#dog” section. If the hashtag exists already means that someone else started it before you, every hashtags shows you exactly how many posts are in it.

You can create a brand new hashtag all you have to do is use the “#” symbol and start typing the word you like to use(use no space between “#” and the word you are typing), if no recommendation pop up congrats you have started a new hashtag.

How To Properly Use Hashtags

Picking the right tags will help you connect with others who share the same interest, Instagram will allow you “30” hashtags per post. Do not use all “30” if your goal is growth, as well as you should use tags that are relevant to the picture and describe it. For example if you have a Starbucks cup in your picture you can use “#Starbucks”.

You can also follow a hashtag that interests you to stay updated with the people who use the same tag.


How Can I Manage Another Instagram Account

Before 2016, Instagram did not have the account management feature, and if u needed to sign in into a different account; you had to completely log out and re log in into the other account.

Instagramers can now manage up to five accounts at a time. To add an additional account, go to profile settings page and tapping the three lines in the top right corner. Scroll down and tap “Add Account” then you can create a unique username and password for the new account.

In order to To switch between the accounts, go to your profile page, tap on your username in the center top of the screen then you can pick the account you wish to switch to from the pull-down menu.

How Can I Turn On Post Notifications On Instagram?

Instagram algorithm will show you what they think you will like first, when you are following hundreds of people instagram; The app can’t show all of your followers posts. Instagram will pick the profiles that you visit and engage with the most.

To make sure you are seeing posts of people you care about, you can turn on notifications; in order to receive an alert when the selected people post new content.

To turn on Post notification, visit their instagram profile, tap on “…” in the top right corner. Then you can select Turn on Post Notifications. 

What are Instagram stories and how can I use them?

Instagram just like Snapchat, it allows you to record and share stories; that people can only see for a 24 hour period. Unless you save it to your highlights in the bottom right corner.

To add a story, press where “arrow2” points. After taking the picture you can look at the picture above to understand what each symbol does.

  1. Save image allows you to save an image.
  2. Face filters allows you to put a face or dog ears.
  3. Hyperlink “Swipe up” is feature that is available for accounts that are above 10K followers.
  4. Writing pen allows you to screen write.
  5. Edit text allows you to edit the text font size.