Handheld X Ray Safety Precautions

handheld x ray
With the right safety precautions, a handheld x ray system can transform your dental office.

X ray equipment and its associated health risks have always been a hot topic for conversation. Even with minimized radiation, patients are often concerned about how it impacts their bodies. And then there’s the question of a handheld x ray system.

Put simply, the health risks of a handheld dental unit are the same as those of any full-sized machine. Therefore, these units are designed with highly effective radiation safety shields. This is what breaks this risk factor down and makes these systems so effective.

Learn more, with us today, as we bring you our breakdown of handheld x ray safety and its purpose in the dental industry.

Handheld X Ray Safety

In the design phase of any handheld x ray system, the most important question is “How to minimize radiation to the operator?”

Firstly, it’s important to restate that these devices produce no greater amount of radiation than standard x ray units. Handheld exposure devices, activated by triggers and produce increasingly clear x ray images.

These systems are an important player in the intraoral radiographic imaging industry. No additional precautions are usually needed, provided the device is being used properly. Units, typically, are created with radiation shields, which must be held at specific distances from the operator’s body. These have been proven to provide perfectly adequate protection to people on both sides of the trigger.

A few short safety notes, for those wanting to take every precaution, include:

  1. Only using equipment for intraoral purposes
  2. Lead aprons of more than a 0.25 millimeter thickness
  3. Keeping the backscatter shield in place during all exposures
  4. Using prescribed storage and device security procedures
  5. Significant operator training

Handheld X Ray Safety: A Matter Of Following The Rules

When it comes to radiation risks from handheld x ray equipment, the machines produce about as much radiation as full sized unit. But, it’s with this in mind that manufacturers have designed each x ray with features that make it much safer to use.

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