Follow and Unfollow Instagram Growth Strategy, The Truth Behind it.

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Instagram growth strategy Follow and Unfollow

If you are familiar with instagram automation, then you probably heard of the follow/unfollow strategy. The way it works, by following people in your niche who share similar interests; then in a few days if they don’t follow back you unfollow them.

This strategy is one of many; but it is certainly one of the most effective ones as long as you are applying it correctly. You can easily get 10K+ followers in a year span, there is two ways to apply this strategy.

  1. The Automation: This is the effective method, pretty much a computer program will follow and Unfollow people for you. AKA Bots
  2. The Manual method: This will require you to manually follow users, and constantly like their posts on hourly bases. This method is extremely time consuming and stressful; and you will hit action restrictions because of loosing track of how many users you followed in an hour.

What Is The Follow Back Rate When Using The Automation follow/unfollow Method?

On average about 20%-35% Of People Will Follow You Back if you use the automation method. This Percentage will vary based what niche you are in; and how active are the users in that niche. With the right hashtags and filters; you that can help you engage with users that are likely to engage back.

Many factors come into place when it comes to these filters; the Following to follower ratio, when was their last post, gender, Geotags and many more. Once you can perfect these filters and figure out what works best for your niche; you can easily maintain the effectiveness of this method.

What Is The Follow Back Rate When Using The Manual follow/Unfollow Method?

Doing all this manually is simply not as effective. In a study conducted following 1000 users manually over a week span resulted in 13% follow back rate

We found that using the follow/unfollow method without automation is unlikely to achieve good results. In our study, we manually followed 1,000 users in a span of a week who were active in their niche. Comparing it to the same account using automation method and the same number of followings for that week. The Automation was about twice as effective than the manual method.

What Are The Consequences Of The Unfollowing Process

Instagram’s algorithm, mainly focuses on promoting positive engagement; Rather than negative ones. Instagram notifications and feed, will only show you positive notifications; like liked photos, comments, tags and mentions, so instagram does not notify you when someone unfollows you.

When you use this method, be aware that the unfollowing process should not be over night. After you follow users give them at least 4 to 5 days to follow back before you unfollow them; on average 1 in 10 followers you follow will follow you back.

What Are Instagram Following Limits

Although your goal is to get as many followers as possible; yet you shouldn’t be following as many people as possible. Aside from the process it self being complex; and it is time consuming to be following and unfollowing hundreds of people every day.

The thing with instagram Automation, is that it’s against instagram terms and policies; where you can risk loosing the account resulting in account termination.

-Also see: Instagrams Terms

Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limitations

Instagram algorithm, tracks how many and how fast you follow and unfollow users, and can temporarily block your follow requests. After the massive amounts of users Instagram gained; they had to set a limit on how many people you can follow. Instagram allows you to follow no more than 7500 users no matter how many followers you have.

For a new instagram account. The following/unfollowing limit is about 20 users per hour and maximum of 150 user a day. For accounts that are few years old; the limit is about 50 users per hour and maximum of 300 to 400 a day.

In conclusion, the method is worthwhile if you are willing do what it takes; either risk automation or be on instagram all the time.