Dental Xray Equipment: The Benefits

Dental Xray Equipment
Learn more about the dangers and benefits of dental XRay Equipment

A standard dental checkup often ends with the dentist taking x rays of your mouth. This helps them decide which procedures you’ll need and how and where to perform this procedure. With quality dental xray equipment, it’s also a great tool for showing the patient what the problem is and why they need work done.

When visiting a dentist, though, it can be tempting to ask “Do I really need a set of x rays?” Dental offices also use regular x rays to track your oral health. That said, it’s not usually like this is a “one-time” thing.

Join us today as we look at dental xray equipment and why regular checkups are important.

Dental XRays: Do You Need Them?

In dentistry, the more you know about the mouth you’re working with, the better. And a big tool in figuring that out is the radiographic examination. These systems give us the information we need to make an accurate diagnosis of the condition of the mouth. Using dental xray equipment, your dentist can detect problems that would be impossible to eyeball. And, with that in mind, it’s easy to see why xray imaging like this can help you maintain your oral health over time.

Am I Safe?

This is an older fear, but one many still have when it comes to xrays. Doctors and dentists alike will tell you, dental xray equipment is designed to be safe and the procedure is far from dangerous. For the radiation used in an xray to be dangerous to you, it would have to be much higher than anything you’ll find in a dentist’s office. Dental xrays like this only produce about 1/23 of the radiation we as humans absorb over the course of a year.

And, as dental X-ray equipment advances year after year, radiation has been greatly reduced. In some cases, digital technology has brought this amount down to zero.

And, if you’re playing the numbers, not getting an xray can actually be riskier than having one done. Cavities can be difficult to detect manually, especially in younger patients, and they only get worse with time when left unchecked. Similarly, being pregnant and sporting an undiagnosed dental infection could be incredibly dangerous for your baby.

As a final word, also remember that even though radiation levels in xrays are low, there are precautions your dentist has to follow. These help to minimize these effects even further, focusing the radiation only on your mouth, and protecting your body with a lead apron.

Dental XRay Equipment: Your Best Defense Against Cavities

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