Dental Sensors and Intraoral Cameras

dental sensors
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Regardless of how far modern dentistry has come, today’s dentists still deal with a problem as old as the industry itself: the human mouth is a tricky place to see all parts of. Even with mirrors, a cooperative patient, and a penlight, it can be difficult to see everything.

And that’s without having to show your patients what’s going on inside their mouths. More patients than ever before are asking for visual representations of the problems inside their mouths. Which makes sense. In an industry like dentistry, people not only want to know what they’re paying for but also why they’re about to through the procedure at all.

Enter intraoral cameras, x rays, and dental sensors. These widely used pieces of modern tech are a lightweight, easy way for dentists to show patients the inside of their own mouths.

Let’s take a closer look.

Invaluable Modern Dentistry Tech

Let’s be honest: most patients don’t relish the idea of a trip to the dentist. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s also one we can help mitigate with liberal use of advanced technology. This is where dental imaging really shines.

High-Quality Imaging

The value of high care standards is in being able to make accurate diagnoses and provide services without having to worry about mistakes. Intraoral cameras enable dentists to take high-quality images of the insides of their patients’ mouths. This makes your services more valuable to your patients, as your results become more of a foregone conclusion. And, in dentistry, there’s really nothing better for retention rates.

Fewer Invasive Procedures And Sign Off

As a dentist, it can be hard to get past the unreasonable fear many of our patients have for dental work. What you can do to help work around this, however, is to use a high-end intraoral camera to either find a less-invasive option or show your patient why they need more serious surgery.

One of the key benefits to using x ray dental sensors and x rays is in directly involving the patient in their own experience. Snap a shot and show your patients in near-real-time the problem area. Then review the way forward with them. You’ll find them much more agreeable if you can explain to them with imagery why it’s necessary. Interactive processes like this help you explain yourself, add plausible deniability, and simplify the diagnosis for yourself and the patient.

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