ClipMan Review | Create Instant Videos From Just a LINK

Clipman Review
Video editing made easy!
Want to add more video to your marketing mix?
Or have you considered broadening your traffic & reach with video?
We’ve all learned that video creation isn’t easy or fast…  you’ve got to spend time on the storyboards, adding transitions, and spending hours editing them using those technical video editing softwares.
But that’s not the only way. There’s another where you don’t have to spend hours recording or editing on Adobe Premiere Pro… all you need is an eCommerce page and ClipMan.
Rather than making each one by hand, all you need to do is just give Clipman your product page URL, and let it work its magic.
With ClipMan, you can turn any existing sales page from Amazon/ Ebay/ AliXpress into a high converting video ad automatically. That’s just one of my favorite Clipman features.
There’s so many more:
1. Multi-Video Creation 
Create multiple versions of the same product at once.
2. Publish Ads Directly To Facebook:
Cut out FB’s horrible ad interface by creating and uploading your ad directly from the Clipman app, so it brings in the cash far faster

3. Full HD Video Renders
Just pick a template and turn them into stunning and effective HD video

4. 100 Royalty-Free Audio Tracks:
Everything from fast-paced techno beats to chilled-opus jazz gives you a selection to fit any product line

5. MP4 Download
Download your videos to work on in external editors, share with your teams, or upload to alternative ad managers.

6. 100% Cloud Based
There’s no need to download software. There’s no need to fry your computers circuit boards with intensive HD video rendering. It’s all there, all the time, ready for you to render your videos in the cloud. 

7. No Watermarks
Unlike some other ad makers, you’re not forced to carry Clipman’s brand.

8. Easy Social Sharing
Expand your organic reach with simple sharing to Youtube and Facebook
9/ Post-Production Editing
Even in beta, this feature is amazing, letting you make changes AFTER your videos are created.

You’ve really got to see it in action to believe it. 

Because all you gotta do is Copy and Paste your URL, then Clipman will automatically create a video by adding images, soundtrack, video clips, transitions, etc.
Your video is then ready and you can choose to customize it and upload it to your social media profiles, especially on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn to build traffic and drive conversions.
Better yet, you can even integrate the video onto your own website to increase engagement and visitor’s average time on page which can boost your Website Rankings in the long run.
But the best news is — right now, you can get Clipman for less for a lifetime than what it’d normally cost for a month.