AT&T Union Members Are On A Strike Here’s Why

AT&T Union Strike
AT&T Union Strike

AT&T is not a bit of a situation as of midnight Friday; the Southeast Union workers are on a strike and in big numbers. More than 20,000 people surprising the company with the strike. They are accusing the company telecommunication giant with unfair labor practices; that was the result of an attempt to securing a new contract; after the expiration of the old contract on Aug. 3.

What Did they Do About this

The company sent people to talk and calm the situation down a bit; but they did not come up with any solutions. Considering the people AT&T send to the site did not have any power to carry on decisions. Richard Honeycutt the Union vice president said; “Our talks have stalled because it has become clear that AT&T has not sent negotiators; who have the power to make decisions so we can move forward toward a new contract.”

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AT&T a company based in Dallas, Texas. Makes a Hefty amount of revenue that they can easily compensate their worker’s needs and demands. With more than $170 billion a year in revenue. AT&T claims that they are baffled with the strike decision; considering they are giving enough; the majority of their workers average $121,000 to $134,000 a year which is a good amount of money.

What Are The Main Reasons Behind This Strike?

This Strike is leading executive and Leaders to cover up the workload slack as a result of this strike; they also mention that they will continue to work hard on serving customers; they have precautions in case of a strike.

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Union members say that the “company has not bargained in good faith”; the Union members include all sorts of employees such as: technicians, customer service representatives; and workers who do the installation work for internet and landlines on the field. The workers claim that the job doesn’t offer enough security; it healthcare costs are too high and is taking a big chunk of their pay.

The day to day operation will still be okay considering the service is mainly run on a computerized system; which gives AT&T an advantage and wait out for the whole situation as it might resolve itself. But there is a shortage of skilled workers.

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