Apple Offers Big Money to Hackers Who Find Vulnerabilities In Products


One of the biggest names in the tech industry:Apple has recently been in the business of paying hackers to find faults with their new technology. In an effort to make their devices hacker proof, Apple is paying big money to anyone who can find a good enough loophole to render their servers and devices ineffective.

A total of a $1 million prize will be given to the first one who can hack an iPhone. Apple will also be releasing the same ‘bug bounty’ for Mac computers. Apple also plans on keeping these bug bounties common as the information they gain from such endeavors allows them a great leg-up in information sales across the board.

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Since the bug bounty program launched in 2016, the prizes have only gone up as for the past two years, Apple has received valuable information they can use to further fortify iOS as well as other companies.

But Apple is not the only one in this RND phase. A company called Zerodium announced that they will be dishing out a $2 million prize for the researcher who can remote hack an iPhone.

How is this justifiable though? Well as Maor Shwartz says the cost of an undetermined exploit can cost Apple up to $1.5 million in profits and the the stolen information can be highly lucrative and valuable to those who are on the lookout for it.