Apple Launches New Digital Masters

Apple Music

Earlier this Wednesday, August 7, Apple Music launched the new digital masters, which is the initiative from the music streaming giant that combines all of its “Mastered iTunes” offerings into one. This initiative is Apple’s first public acknowledgment, which has been kept quiet for some time.

The segment of the company launched in 2012, and have enforced the set of software tools and guidelines which was distributed for free and allowed the engineers to fully optimize the music for digital download.

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The download service format was fully encoded from the high-resolution masters. With the goal of creating the studio-quality sound finals digitally identical to the original recordings, this is where it places the special mastermind for iTunes sector on an app.

According to the Apple majority of their current top releases for apple music are the Apple digital masters. this has resulted in 75% of the top one hundred in the United States and about 71% of their Top 100 internationally created under Apple’s program.