What Would Happen if the Sun Disappeared?

if the sun disappeared

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the sun disappeared? There are lots of science questions out there and some are extremely interesting. Today, we’re going to be answering one of most common questions. What would happen if the sun disappeared? We’re going to go over everything that will happen if the sun disappeared. Let’s dive into what would happen if the sun disappeared.

If the Sun Disappeared

No Gravitational pull

If the gravitational pull from the Sun disappeared then all the planets would stop orbiting and would, therefore, travel in a straight line through space.

Plunged Into darkness

We wouldn’t notice immediately, because of how fast light travels, but if the Sun suddenly stopped shining after 9 minutes or so we’d be plunged into total darkness.

Invisible Moon

We wouldn’t be able to see the Moon anymore, as we only see it now because of the Sun reflecting off it. We would continue to be able to see the stars, however, since they are their own sources of light.

Unbearable Temperatures

The Earth‘s temperature is currently about 300 Kelvin, but this would drop to 150K in two months, and then 75K in four months. As a comparison, the freezing point of water is 273K.

Microorganisms Surviving

It’s likely that only microorganisms living in the Earth’s crust could survive without the Sun, because of the heat from the core, but even most bacteria would be eliminated.

Our Only Solution

Our only real chance would be to live in submarines in the deepest and warmest parts of the ocean, or if we built totally isolated habitation zones.

No Photosynthesis

Plants wouldn’t be able to photosynthesize. As soon as the sunlight stops all the photosynthesis process stops. However, there would be enough oxygen in the atmosphere to last a while.

Scavengers Survive Longer

With the bottom levels of the food chain dying off quickly, other animals would follow suit soon after. However, natural scavengers would survive a bit longer, living off the dead bodies of other beings.

Ocean Surfaces Freezing

All the ocean surfaces would freeze, with only some sea life which lives on the deep sea floor having any chance of survival.

Only Large Trees

Even though plants would stop photosynthesizing and would, therefore, die out, large trees would survive for several decades without photosynthesizing.

Insulated Oceans

Since the surface of the oceans would freeze, this would insulate the actual bodies of water, and so the oceans wouldn’t freeze solid for thousands of years.

Atmosphere Collapsing

All the point where the oceans freeze entirely and the Earth is at a temperature of about -400 degrees Fahrenheit, the atmosphere will have collapsed, exposing the harsh cosmic radiation from space.

These are all the things that would happen and things human race will need to do if the sun disappeared. If you enjoyed this informative article, check out more at StarkFeed.com