What are the limits of the human body?

What are the limits of the human body

Have you ever wondered what are the limits of the human body? Here at StarkFeed, we’re going to break it down for you. We are going to discuss what breaks human body. Let’s begin:

Limits of the human body

Body heat: 107.6° F – When a person’s core body temperature hits 107.6° F heatstroke can’t be reversed and will prove fatal.

Cold water: 40° F – Water saps body heat. A person would last barely 30 minutes in 40° F sea.

Hot air: 300° F – In a burning building or deep mine adults can survive 10 minutes at 300° F. Although children soon succumb in a 120° F car.

High altitude: 15,000 feet – Consciousness fades for most people at 15,000 feet. Although highland dwellers have adapted to have larger lungs and more red blood cells so they can survive.

Starvation: 45 Days – If a person loses 30% of their body weight, death is imminent. Although, the disease would probably kill a person before they have a chance to starve.

Diving deep: 282 feet – When diving deep without equipment most people blackout before reaching 2 minutes once they are below 60 feet. The best free diver made it to 282 feet before blacking out.

Lack of oxygen: 11 minutes – Typically, a person would pass out after 2 minutes without oxygen. With training, people can hold their breath for nearly 11 minutes.

Blood loss: 40% – A person can survive after losing 30% of their blood. After losing 40% of your blood a person would need an immediate blood transfusion.

Dehydration: 7 Days – Every cell in a person’s body needs water. Without being able to replace the quart of water a person loses per day, a person will not last more than a week at most.

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