Ways to Improve your brain

ways to improve your mind

Ways to Improve Brain Power & Be More Productive

As we grow older, we might feel as though our minds aren’t as sharp as they used to be. But is there a way we can improve our brain power? According to the latest studies, the answer appears to be yes.

Powering up

We now know those brain problems that were previously seen as irreversible can be improved, and sometimes even cured.So if you’re hoping to boost your brain power, here are eight ways to improve your brain.

Dress to Impress

Sometimes appearances really are everything. A number of psychological studies have found wearing clothing that is more formal than usual encourages people to think conceptually.

Like Steve Jobs and his turtlenecks, this means people consider ideas as a whole, rather than focusing on minor details.

Walk two miles a day

As we explore our environments, our brains are in a more ‘neuroplastic’ state – ready to absorb more information and releasing growth factors which act as fertilizer for the brain.

What’s more, regular exercise, such as walking, has been shown to reduce the risk of dementia in later life by as much as 60%.

Stop Googling everything

Is the internet making us more stupid? It depends on how you use it. The easier that information is to find, the less likely it is to stick, as you’re not engaging your brain power.

Rather than flitting from the topic, or Googling it, find a challenging new subject and master it; seek out books and knowledgeable people to improve your memory and capacity for learning.

Learn a language

Maintaining an aging brain means taxing exercises to keep the mind sharp.

A Swedish study showed that learning languages after childhood makes the brain grow in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex – areas associated with thought, memory, and action.

Eating olives and nuts

The Mediterranean is often associated with a higher quality of life, and a 2015 study appears to support this notion.

According to the results, eating olives and nuts – both rich in vitamin E – might help maintain a powerful brain throughout your lifetime.

Practice Yoga

Aside from working out the kinks in your back, studies have shown Yoga has measurable benefits for improving memory.

While the results remain anecdotal. A 2014 study showed that yoga, when used as a combination therapy, actually reversed memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.

Good sleep hygiene

As more gadgets creep into the bedroom, sleeping patterns are being disrupted – stopping us from getting the rest our brain needs.

During sleep, brain cells eliminate toxins that inhibit our brain’s operating power, while also forming new connections between neurons that boost neuroplasticity.

Stop multitasking

As the saying goes: a jack of all trades is a master of none. And juggling attention between numerous jobs has a detrimental effect on the brain.

Dividing your attention means your brain can’t focus, so doing less means accomplishing more.

While they won’t make you a genius overnight, these may help build a healthy mind for lifelong learning. And the best part? it’s never too late to start improving your brain. We hope you enjoyed this informative article about ways to improve your brain. Please feel free to check out our other scientific and lifestyle articles.ways to improve your brain



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