Variety Of Life On Other Planets, NASA Software assumptions

life on other planets
life on other planets

Earth is not the only planet that is habitable, I mean as far as we know it is but there might be other planets that offer even more; variety of life in different forms, that can even be more hospitable according to research.

The National American Space Association creating an app that simulates the ocean circulation movements; and climate on different planets to see which one would more likely be inhabitable, the software is ROCKE-3D

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Life in the ocean is very fascinating where the deepest parts of the ocean are responsible for producing small particles; that helps the coral life and ocean plants in the photosynthesis process; in the upward flow from the ocean bottom to the top. More upwelling means more variety of life

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So the ROCKE-3D software usage will be for determining which planets will have the best upwelling; offering the most hospitable oceans. So NASA thinks that based on 3D simulation software that the earth; is not the optimally habitable planet and other planets might be!

In my opinion this is by far the dumbest thing NASA ever said in their entire existence; “other planets are more optimal to inhabit than earth the thing is they lack everything that making them habitable; like atmosphere, oceans, or any form of life or existence. NASA please stop making stupid softwares; because clearly you are a waste of money and energy. Spend tax payers money on something more useful than hypothetically impossible assumptions for a software.

Source: CNN,”Exoplanets could have better conditions for life than Earth, study says