Types of Advanced Civilizations

kardashev scale

What kind of civilizations are out there in the universe? Certainly, we can not be all alone across the universe. Today we’re going to be looking at all types of advanced civilizations according to the Kardashev Scale.

What is the Kardashev Scale?

The Kardashev scale is a method of measuring a civilization’s level of technological advancement. Moreover, First proposed by Societ astronomer Nikolai Kardashev, in 1964, the scale is based on the amount of energy a civilization is able to harness and utilize. The scale is hypothetical, but it puts energy consumption from a cosmic perspective and helps us understand how advanced we may become as a civilization.

Types of Civilization

Type I: A Planetary Society

The species in a Type 1 civilization are able to harness all of their planet’s energy. They have control over its natural forces, such as volcanoes, weather, and even earthquakes. They are able to gather and store some of the energy from their neighboring star.

Type II: An Interplanetary Society

Civilizations on this level can harness the power of their entire star. Megastructures like Dyson Spheres may enclose a star completely to capture its energy output. Fusion energy (the mechanism that powers stars) have been mastered. They have the ability to occupy several planets, and their massive ‘disposable’ energy makes this type of civilization virtually immune to extinction.

Type III: An Interstellar Society

Species in Type III civilizations become galactic travelers, able to move from star to star capturing the energy and colonizing planets. At this juncture, it is likely that cyborgs or cybernetic organisms are now the most highly advanced beings in society. Unevolved humans become an inferior sub-species. Colonies of self-replicating robots will likely increase into the millions and spread out across the galaxy, colonizing star after star on their own.

Beyond Type III…

Kardashev believed Type IV civilization was too advance, so he didn’t go beyond Type III on his scale. A few theorists like Michio Kaku, Robert Zubrin, and Carl Sagan think otherwise and have added this scale…

Type IV: An Intergalactic Society

These civilizations are able to harness the energy content of the entire universe. Advanced races of these species could traverse the accelerating expansion of space and live inside supermassive black holes. Type IV societies would be cable of undertaking projects of gargantuan, superhuman proportions, such as changing the structure of space and time, or deliberate slowing of entropy.

Type V

Civilizations can control the power output of a collection of the universe. Such societies could jump between multiverses that contain varied forms of matter, physics, and space and time. Therefore, this beings would be like gods, having the knowledge to manipulate the universe as they please.

Where are We on this Scale?

The human race is not on this scale yet. Moreover, We are basically a lowly Type 0. Humans still source energy needs from dead plants and animals. Thus, we are still at the mercy of Earth‘s natural forces. As a result, it may take 100 to 200 years for us to reach Type I.

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