Survival Rates Increase After Ebola Virus Antibody Is Found

Ebola Cure
Ebola Cure

After the massive Ebola outbreak in Congo; new experimenting of new drug is been undergoing. The good news is that two treatment had a positive effect on the survival rates.

Before there was a vaccine that helps people from catching ebola; but now the difference is that this new vaccine is to help people who are already caught an infection; and it is safe to say that Ebola is a curable to an extent.

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In total there were about 3 drugs that monoclonal antibodies; ZMapp which is the standard treatment and it has about 49% mortality rate; where 1 out of 4 people survive without using any treatment. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals came up with a cocktail of drugs dropping death rates down to 29%; meanwhile, the mAb114 had 34%. The thing with ebola is that it changes shapes when it is in the human body; so it becomes hard to attack it with one drug. Therefore, the cocktail approach is more likely to have a high success rate; especially when it comes to treatment in the early stages of infection.

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NIH’s mAb114 show’s the best survival rates when it comes to early treatment; where the drug itself was found from the white blood cells from an Ebola survivor; where they were able to harvest the antibody and replicate it. Ridgeback Biotherapeutics a Florida based company is now reproducing this antidote.

The biggest news is that we do now have treatment but the worst is; it is not available for everyone; many people are taking too long to get the help they need when it is already too late.