Super Massive Black Hole In Milky Way’s Center Flashes With Bright Light

Sagittarius A*

Every galaxy as we know it, has a super massive black hole at it’s center. Our black hole in particular has recently produced an ‘unprecedented’ flash of light without a known cause.

The black hole at the center of the Milky Way, named Sagittarius A*, has shown some activity after long years of low-level activity. However, an inexplicable flash of light which radiated from it in May of this year left Scientists, both in the US and in Europe in shock. What could have caused this flash?

It is normal for the black hole itself to fluctuate ,over time, in brightness, but it heightened to an abnormal level 75 times brighter than usual. And when we are facing a thing that is more than 4 million times the size of our own sun, that is a pretty drastic change in brightness, to say the least.

A tweet by Tuan Do shows a quick glimpse of the sudden black spot emerging in a spot of bright light.

Researches have stated that the flash took place over two hours and suggest that the bright flash could be the cause of a change in activity from Sagittariues A*.That is in regards to its level of accretion- how the black hole pulls in matter. However the research is also suggested to be insufficient, and no further works have been published yet about the flash. Do told reporters that they are currently waiting for data from other telescopes, which include the Spitzer and Chandra, from NASA, which wil help determine what caused the flash of Sagittarius A* in the first place.