Space X Launch “StarHopper” Testing Can Do What To Locals

Space X Starhopper test launch
Space X Starhopper test launch

If you live in Boca Chica Village, Texas. The Space X launch might break your house windows; local police sending a warning to the locals and near by residents. Instructing them to leave their houses during launch time considering the windows could shatter.

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The residents who live within 2 miles radius from the Space X launching station near the US and Mexico borders. The “Starhopper” or Space X reusable rocket that can re-land itself without total destruction and; carry people as a shuttle for space travel. The Reason behind the warning is due to the high pressure the rocket will generate during the launch; as a result, it can shatter glass. Therefore the local police informing the locals and they will even ask people to step out of their houses; when they hear the police sirens around 4 o’clock.

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What we don’t know if this will be a hazard for every launch; and it is not fair for the locals; that they have to stop their life and evacuate their houses. Will space X pay for the damages as a result. This is not the only things the local police will have to account for adding to that; the roadblock on the highway preventing driving form arriving to their destinations fast enough.

Last July “Starhopper” Space X Launch resulting in fires; that spread nearly 100 acres from the flames coming out of the last rocket launch.

Source: Quartz, Daniel Wolfe,“You must exit your home”: SpaceX launch is bad news for locals