Has This Astronaut Committed The First Space Crime Aboard The ISS?


Astronaut Anne McClain of NASA McClain is being accused of accessing her estranged wife’s bank account without having the right to. With McClain’s claims in defense of her access of the bank account, she maintains that she still has the right to monitor her and her estranged wife’s entangled finances.

NASA is probing the investigation as what took place on McClain’s 6 month mission aboard the International Space Station was took one of NASA’s computers as well. McClain used a NASA computer to access Summer Worden’s bank account.

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In a dispute between the two, Worden felt like something was up when McClain mentioned a few purchases that should not have been within her knowledge. Her suspicion sparked, she contacted her bank, who revealed the prior access from a computer registered to NASA.

Upon having this knowledge, Worden filed a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). Even though none of Worden’s funds were touched, her parents say that the access of her account by McClain is a part of a “highly calculated and manipulated campaign” to gain custody of Worden’s son, born a year before the two were married.

In a tweet by McClain:

The FTC has not yet responded to Worden on her claims of identity theft, although investigators have been gaining more information on her family’s complaints.

Rumors have it that this is not the first time McClain has tried to steal Worden’s child, as back in 2018, of their divorce claims was McClain’s claim that Worden abused her, which was seen as an attempt by McClain to gain custody of Worden’s child.