12.5 Billion Tons of Ice Melted In One Day, Kulusuk Greenland

Greenland Iceberg

The stage is Kulusuk Greenland, where locals heard what sounded like an explosion of war, but what really was the breaking of a glacier 5 miles away. In what has been one of Greenland’s hottest days, August 2nd, The country of ice lost over 12.5 billion tons of ice to melting as what many are saying is a harsh reminder of the war on climate change.

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Home to NASA’s Oceans Melting Global (OMG) program. After the heatwave decimated the United States and Europe, it was only natural that the ice sheets would suffer too. And suffer they have.

Scientists from NASA are investigating the root cause for the ice sheet’s melting, but one of their already presumed assumptions is that along with the rising air temperatures, the ocean is also getting much hotter.

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From a BT-57 plane, these scientists will investigate the ice sheets by sending down a number of probes which will help with the collection of data. And just as a side-thought, there is a enough ice in Greenland to raise the sea level by 25 feet.

“It’s very rare anywhere on the planet to see 700 meters of no temprature variation, normally we find colder waters in the upper hundred meters or so, but right in front of the glacier it’s warm all the way up,” said Ian Fenty, climate scientist at NASA. These warm waters now are able to be in direct contact with the ice over its entire face, supercharging the melting.”