Elon Musk Plans To Create Life On Mars By Nuking It.

Elon Musk Nukes mars
Elon Musk plans on Nuking mars

If you live on planet Earth you probably already know Elon Musk; some might call crazy some might call genius; well he always got bigger plans for us one of these plans some might call crazy; but I like to call it genius. Elon Musk is really planning on nuking mars; and no he is not under the influence of any drugs; he is not nuking mars for fun he has a master plan behind it.

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Elon has a theory that can only be proven if he actually nukes the planet; he believes that the plant can be inhabitable if it had an atmosphere like earth. The Nuking is really a plan to release carbon dioxide in Mars atmosphere. He plans on hitting both of the planet poles north and south; raising the levels of carbon dioxide from .6 percent of the Earth‘s to 7 percent of the Earth‘s.

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NASA is obviously betting against musk plans; and they already have theories where they said it wouldn’t work considering mars doesn’t have enough carbon dioxide; I mean if I was NASA I would shut the hell up; considering they had massive amounts of funding and time to develop technologies Elon Musk did in few years. You get to talk when you can land a rocket.

Obviously, Elon is not going to give them a time of the day and will continue to execute his plan; there isn’t any research that would back Elon Musk theories; at the same time he might know something we do not. As of now no one believes in the possibility of his idea; scientist believe that it will take thousands of years to colonize Mars if it is even possible at all.