Why Your Dog Can Recognize Bad People!

dog can recognize bad people

Did you know that your dog has the ability to sniff out bad intentions? Well much to the surprise of many unsuspecting dog owners around the world, recent scientific studies have shown that these four legged detectives can single out a bad person almost instantly.

How Your Dog Can Recognize Bad People

A scientific study lead buy Dr. Akiko Takaoka from the Department of Psychology at Japan’s University came to the conclusion that dogs will not trust a person who has lied to it.

The experiment consisted of a dog owner pointing to a container that contained food. Naturally, the dog would then run to the container. After, they would point to a container without food and then trick the dog to running to it.

This confirms that dogs are fully capable of understanding human gestures, and the third time around the dog would not follow the pointing hand. As a result of the inconsistent gestures dogs would become nervous and stressed.

The dogs were using their previous bad experience to know that a person was untrustworthy.

Your Dog Feels How Other People Treat You

Another study published in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews as stated that dogs are also able to read the communication between strangers and their owners.

Two groups of people for this experiment to determine another way your how dog can recognize bad people you might come into contact with.. The first group was told to interact with the dog owners plea for help and provide the necessary courtesy, while the second group was told to bitterly decline.

Both groups were then instructed to try and give the dog a treat.

The experiment showed that dogs wouldn’t take the treat from the people who’d been mean or even disrespectful to their owners, but would gladly accept the treat from the strangers who showed kindness to their owners.

This experiment also concludes that your dog knows human social etiquette. By seeing how the strangers interacted with their owners they can draw their own conclusions on how to treat these people.

Your Dog Understand Human Body Language & Emotions

It’s been proven many times that dogs are able to understand our own human emotions and body language.

Scientists at the Clever Dog Lab in Vienna have concluded that dogs can tell the difference between a sad and happy faces. It may not be too much of a surprise to find out that your dog knows you well enough to determine when your feeling happy or sad, but they are even able to determine emotions in people they’ve never met before!

Your Dog Can Actually Smell Fear

While this has been said for generations and considered to be an urban legend about our canine friends. It has actually been backed up by science.

Researchers at Liverpool University conducted an experiment using a total of 694 people that led them to discover a link between a persons emotional state and their likelyhood of getting bit by the dog.

Emotionally unstable and anxious strangers would find themselves getting bit by the dog far more than the confident and sturdy subjects would, but how?

While dogs don’t have psychic abilities you’d find in a marvel comic book, they have a very keen sense of smell. So keen in fact, that they can detect the series of chemical reactions going on in our bodies when were stressed. Most notably when we set or experience an increase in adrenaline levels.

Pheromones spread rapidly around the body as our heart rate skyrockets due to the feeling of fear. In addition to their capabilities of reading body language and expressions, they can easily determine an anxious stranger without much effort. This is how your dog can recognize bad people so effectively.

They Can Detect Cancer

Dr. Hillary Brody in the department of Otolaringology at the University of California claims that dogs can find the effected cancerous tissues out of dozens of samples.

Multiple cancer research facilities use dogs to determine if a sample from a patient indeed does have cancer. One of the organizations CEO was saved by her own Labrador after the dog would continually stare and lung at her chest. This led her to find out the she actually had breast cancer, and as a result, her life had been saved.

Dogs can recognize specific types of cancer when going through only six months of training!