Dead Zone Is Here And We Are Not Safe Neither The Marine

Dead Zone
Dead Zone

The scientists are now having a bigger concern over the environment and this time it does not involve the heat; aquamarine life is now in threatening conditions by what scientist call a “Dead Zone”; which is now growing for a while and the information currently is now officially true.

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A dead zone is also known as Hypoxia and it is a man-made problem; that is the result of over-fertilization that happens during springtime; when it rains on plants the fertilization on the plants is mixing rainwater and these chemicals together; and the water stream goes underground and into rivers ponds and lakes which ends up in seas or oceans.

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The Dead Zone itself happens when there isn’t enough oxygen in the water especially on the bottom surface; with causes the marine life to suffocate and die. Data is showing an increase in growth which is no topping preavious records

According to scientists in the University of Maryland Environmental Institution for studies concluding; that the heavy rain is washing the off the fertilizers of the plants; and all the water streams is pouring into the bay; which is resulting in this algae that is stealing the oxygen form the marine life; that is dependent on these levels of oxygen like crabs oysters and sea life in general.