Canabis Chemical Studies Show Promising Impact On Pancreatic Cancer Havard Declares

pancreatic cancer

3 percent of all cancer cases in America are made up of Pancreatic Cancer alone. By 2020 Pancreatic cancer is said to be the second leading cause of death, with a annual survival rate of only 20 percent.

Generally, headlines having to do with specific illnes tend to be grim to say the least, however recent cancer studies by Harvard have suggested that a specific chemical discovered in cannabis can be used a significant game changer in its therapeutic potential for pancreatic cancer.

The drug dubbed “FBL-03G actually derives from a cannabis “flavonoid,” a naturally occuring coumpound commonly found in various species of plants whose recognizable purposes is providing the vegetation with their vibrant colors.

Due to such a low quantity of the substance able to be extracted from the cannabis plant researches face the problem of not having enough compound to work with to conduct faster advancements in their study. Realistically speaking they would have to conjure up football fields of the stuff to be able to come anywhere t near of possessing that amount.

“The most significant conclusion is that tumor-targeted delivery of flavonoids, derived from cannabis, enabled both local and metastatic tumor cell kill, significantly increasing survival from pancreatic cancer,” PhD Assistant Professor, Ngwa says, “This has major significance, given that pancreatic cancer is particularly refractory to current therapies.”

Apparently according to the reasearch conducted by Harvard scientists the compound foun in the cannabis is even equipped and has shown proficiency in attacking not one but other types of cancer cells. Hows that for sticking it to the man!