5 Amazing Facts About The Moon

5 Amazing Facts About The Moon

Who doesn’t love space, when you look up into night sky and see stars and the Moon. Today, we’re gonna give you 5 amazing facts about the moon. Enjoy.

Moon Orbit

The Moon’s orbit is oval shaped. 225,700 miles (distance when closest to Earth). 252,000 miles (distance when farthest from Earth). The moon’s orbit appears almost perfectly circular to the human eye.

708 Hours – length of a full day on the moon, from sunrise to sunrise. 10 MPH speed of the moon’s rotation. Earth rotates at 1,000 mph.

  • Moon’s speed while orbiting Earth is 2,300 MPH.
  • 27.3 Days – The time it takes for the moon to revolve once. This is also the time it takes for the Moon to orbit Earth once. This is why we only ever see one side of the Moon.
  • 5Th-Largest natural satellite in the solar system, and the biggest moon compared to its host planet.

The Moon on Earth

280,000 miles – the distance from Earth. The moon is slowly moving away from the Earth. When it was formed, it was only 14,000 miles away.

Full moon is 14% bigger and 30% brighter when closest to Earth. The moon causes 2 high tides and 2 low tides everyday on Earth.

DOUBLE PLANET – At nearly 1/4 of the Earth’s diameter but only 1% of it’s mass, some Scientists consider the Earth-Moon system a double planet.

400 – The number of trees on Earth that were grown from seeds taken to the moon by Apollo 14 astronaut Roosa. Earth full moon has a name :

  • Snow Moon in February
  • Harvest Moon in September
  • Hunter’s Moon in October

Every 29.5 days how often a full moon occurs.

Sister moon? Cruithne, a 3 mile wide asteroid is in ‘orbital resonance’ with Earth and has in the past been mistaken for a ‘second moon’.

770 years the time it takes for Cruithne to complete a horseshoe movement around the Earth.

Mini-moons – There are actually many mini-moons orbiting around Earth. Most mini-moons orbit around 9 months, but some might orbit for decades. 42% more force a super moon, when the moon is closest to Earth, experts more force.

Moon Travel

It would take you 135 days driving at 70 MPH to get to the moon by car. 12 People have walked on the surface of the moon. The last time human stepped on a the moon was 1972.

Moon Buggies (Lunar Roving Vehicles) – Specially designed for lunar driving. Carried on Apollo missions 15, 16 and 17. 210KG weight of LRVs on Earth. They’re built to carry four times their weight, up to 490 kg on the moon.

Total distance driven in three LRVs during the Apollo missions is 56 miles. Boeing the same company that designed airplanes designed the LRV. It took 17 months to build an LRV, and it costed $38 million in 1971.

Top speed of an LRV was 11.5 MPH. Golden Spike, a private company that hopes to sell trips to the moon by 2020.

Moon Geology

The moon is egg shaped, its large end is pointed towards Earth. Oldest lunar rock collected is 4.5 billion years old.

Temperatures on The Moon

Lowest temperature is -153 Celsius on non-sun facing side. Highest temperature is 123 Celsius on sun facing side.

The gravity of the moon is 1/6 that of Earth. Height of the highest moon’s mountain is 5,000 meters. (About the same height as Earth’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest). Deepest depth of moon’s crater is 4,500 meters.

Thin atmosphere – this means a layer of dust of a footprint can sit undisturbed for centuries. Toxic – moon dust is toxic to humans because the particles are very small and jagged. ICE had been found in deep craters at the Moon’s south pole.

Moon Myths & Misconceptions

Moon scars – the dark and light spots on the moon are scars left by objects hitting the moon. White flags are currently on the moon. Radiation has bleached out their United States colors.

INFERTIA – Not wind is what made the US flag ripple when planted on the surface of the moon. 13% of the people think the moon is made out of cheese. Once in a blue moon actually means once every 2.5 years.

MOON BABIES across cultures, there are many female moon deities related to fertility. This could be because menstrual and lunar cycles are similar in length.

1835 Year of the “Great Moon Hoax”. The New York Sun newspaper published articles claiming that alien life had been found on the moon.

Hamsters spin their wheels more aggressively during a full moon. Rabbits Buddhism and Native American folklore speak of “the rabbit that lives on the moon,” a different spin on “the man in the moon.”

LUNACY – For thousands of years, humans believed that a full moon could make people “go crazy.”

Buzz Aldrin punched a conspiracy theorist for telling him he never went to moon

5 Amazing Facts About The Moon

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