Top 10 Best Online AR-15 Stores In The US

Best AR15 Online Stores

The AR-15 has become the staple for American rifle owners. It has easily made its way in being one of the most useful rifles for hunting, home defense, and survival. Despite what anyone might say, Every firearm owner should have and be accustomed to at least one AR-15 in their lifetime.

But, there are many companies that manufacture AR-15s. Since 1959, with the birth of the first Colt AR-15, and later in the 70s when Colt’s patents expired the AR-15 has been made and modified by many manufacturers.

This led to the creation of the AR industry which is now booming due to the coming of the 80 lower receivers. With all these different manufacturers promoting their variations It is hard to tell which one is the best. This is why, we rounded up some of the best AR-15 online stores for you to choose from.

1. Thunder Tactical AR-15 Parts

Thunder Tactical AR-15 Parts 

Thunder Tactical is one of the most dedicated online AR-15 stores in the US. Not only do the provide the best on the Market 80 lowers, parts and kits, but they also offer numerous deals and discounts to make sure you are equipped properly. They also contain user friendly blogs, on topics ranging from the AR industry to build guides.
The AR 15 is one of the most popular rifles to date. With its platform, allowing complete customization and personal preference, there is no limit to its ability to handle any situation.

2. Ormond Arms AR-15 Parts

Ormond Arms AR-15 Parts

Ormond Arms is a new online store with a dream of defending the people’s right to defend themselves. They offer the best in 80 lower, forged T6 7075 mil-spec, and billet receivers, to create the most efficient and functional AR possible. They provide more than just lowers and parts, however, as they provide unique information on how to build maintain and seek the best from your AR-15.

3. E2 Armory

E2 Armory Online Store

E2 Armory is a strong introduction to the firearm online store market. Built on the idea that fast-shipping and competitive pricing are what the industry needs, the company is quickly building a name for its world-class customer service and high-end products.

The company makes no bones about its mission to deliver better value for a reduced price, to customers from across the United States. When the result is top-notch products and glowing reviews, it’s safe to say E2 is accomplishing that mission!

4. Right to Bear AR-15 Parts

Right to Bear AR-15 Parts

Right to Bear contains all you need to build and maintain your dream 80 Lower. From stocks, to sights and slings, Right to Bear will provide you with everything you need.

5. Pew Pew Tactical AR-15 Parts

Pew Pew Tactical AR-15 Parts

Starting out as just a website with silly name that provides super informative guides, tutorials and general information, Pew Pew Tactical went the 80 lower route and created an AR-15 online store. They’re regarded as one of the best in the industry, selling all different materials and finishes for the perfect custom AR-15.

6. 80 Percent Arms AR-15 Parts

80 Percent Arms AR-15

80 percent arms does not sell complete AR-15s. They do, however, sell 80 lower receivers, and all parts necessary to build a AR 15 from scratch. Building a lower does not have to be hard. In fact, it can be done without much skill, Read: How to Complete an AR 80% Lower Receiver.

7. Gun Broker

Gun Broker AR-15 Parts

Gun Broker is a bit different in terms of being a third party auction website. This means buyers and sellers will be brought together with Gun Broker as the medium for trade. Although the deals you can get here are excellent, you may want to take a little more caution with who exactly you are dealing with.

8. CDNN Sports

CDNN Sports

This company was established in 1987, and in its long life-span, has developed a great reputation in the firearm community. Boasting great quality products from the top rated brands, there is something for everyone at CDNN Sports.

9. AIM Surplus

AIM Surplus

Established in 1997, AIM Surplus definitely takes the cake in being one of the longest running AR-15 online stores. This great company is based in Ohio and sells a wide variety of firearms, parts, sights, and accessories.

10. Armslist


Armslist was actually created in retaliation to Craigslist’s ban on selling firearms. Hence the name Armslist. This website is completely dedicated to anything firearm. Although not all vendors may be able to ship, it is one of the best sites to get a great deal.

11. Brownells AR-15 Parts


Brownells is a perfect store to by from for home defense, with pistols, parts and numerous accessories, you are sure to find what you want. However, Brownells tends to lean towards the more expensive, but the customer service is top of the line and shipping times couldn’t be quicker.

With these Top 10 Best online AR 15 stores, you are in for only the best in parts, kits, news, and guides regarding the ever expansive nature of this amazing rifle.

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