Why is The CDC Staying Silent About Vape Lung Disease?


The vape industry has been one of the dominating trends for youth and adolesence since 2018. While its concept is much older. The release of the juul and the vape as we know it, have prompted a different kind of trend, especially in the US.

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However, now we are seeing the negative side effects of prolonged vaping. Cases of severe lung disease among adolescence has sky-rocketed and what little evidence there is shows that it may be linked to this year-long trend.

As many cases have been specifically linked to vaping THC, the oil in Marijuana. The CDC though, has not cautioned the public against vaping THC while they continue their investigation on what exactly is causing the lung illnesses.

Rey Niaura, professor in the College of Global Public Health in New York has this to say about what the Federal Health Department calls an “epidemic.”

“If it’s nicotine, it’s like a bad batch or a new player that is unkown. More likely, it’s what others are saying and people are vaping a lot of other things besides nicotine, such as synthetic cannabis or contaminated THC that is making an appearance and leading to these bad consequences.”

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What is hindering this important investigation is the willingness of these vapers to admit that they are vaping THC. With what could be crucial information that will help shed some light on this investigation, it looks like the answers are locker behind the patients who are not willing to disclose if their lung diet consists of THC.