Victoria’s Secret Models Petition CEO To Take Action Towards Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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There are more than 120 million signatures to an open letter of which containing the most popular and renowned names in the fashion industry, illustrating a wide “concern for the safety and well being of the models and young women who aspire to model for Victoria’s Secret.”

Participating models include Doutzen Kroes, Christy Turlington Burns, Milla Jovovich amongst others. This letter has been addressed to the acting CEO of Victoria’s Secret.

The letter starts, “In the past few weeks, we have heard numerous allegations of sexual assault, alleged rape, and sex trafficking of models and aspiring models. While these allegations may not have been aimed at Victoria’s Secret directly, it is clear that your company has a crucial role to play in remedying the situation.”

The letter exposed any connections between Victoria’s Secret, Jeffrey Epstein convicted sex offender, and L Brands, Victoria’s Secret parent company.

  Jeffrey Epstein in recent light of these allegations faces a trial to take place some time next year. He has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual exploitation and abuse to minor girls at his Palm Beach, Florida Mansion. If he is found guilty he will be serving up to 45 years in prison.

The letter also exposes a variety of instances of sexual misconduct by a few photographers.

“It is deeply disturbing that these men appear to have leveraged their working relationships with Victoria’s Secret to lure and abuse vulnerable girls.”

“We stand with the courageous women who have come forward and shared their stories, despite fears of retaliation or harm to their careers. It breaks our hearts to keep hearing these stories. We can and must do better. It is time for RESPECT.”

The letter illustrates, “Signatory companies make a binding commitment to require their employees, agents, vendors, photographers and other contractors to follow a code of conduct that protects everyone’s safety on the job, and reduces models’ vulnerability to mistreatment. Models have access to an independent, confidential complaint mechanism, with swift and fair resolution of complaints and appropriate consequences for abusers.”

While there has been no direct response give by Victoria’s Secret as of yet, “If Victoria’s Secret were to take a stand against these abuses and commit to meaningful change by joining the RESPECT Program, this would go a long way in helping our industry chart a new path forward.”

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