US Drone Shot Down in Yemen, What Does It Mean?


A us MQ-9 drone met it’s untimely end flying over Yemen, as officials have claimed. On late Tuesday in the Dhamar governate of Yemen, the drone is suspected to have been shot down by Yemen’s Houthi rebels who claimed responsibility for the attack.

Central Command of the US Military confirmed that they re investigating the claims of downing the MQ-9 with a missile which had actually been flying in authorized airspace.

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The Yemen conflict began in 2014 with Houthi invasion of Sanaa. The rebels ousted the government and by 2015, a coalition was formed to stop the Houthi rebel’s southward expansion.

This drone incident is not the first of the many confrontations perpetuated by the Houthi rebels, and comes as much more of growing conflict between Iran and the West. President Trump re-instated the sanctions on Iran, stifling the country’s access to and industry of crude oil.

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Not to mention, this comes also after the supertanker, Grace 1, was released by the Gibraltar Government. It has since been named Darya 1, and was primarily detained for the suspicion of conflicting with EU sanctions in Syria.

In saying, despite all evidence to the contrary, Iran continues defending its calim that it is not supplying Houthi rebels with weaponry, and military technology. However, Saudi Arabian officials claim that Iran had something to do with the manufacturing and distribution of weaponry to the Houthis before the war in Yemen.