TSA officials discovered shocking items passenger was trying to bring on the plane

TSA officials

It is an obvious thing but bringing explosives or any military-grade devices that shoot explosives on the airplanes. Even if they are toys or replicas, it is a terrible idea.

This is why TSA authorities made an example out of a passenger to remind others not to bring grenades or rocket launchers on the plane.

On Saturday afternoon, one of the passengers at Newark Liberty International Airpot was stopped by the airport screening officials discovered a shocking photo that appeared to be a grenade in one of his checked baggage. TSA authorities were immediately summoned at the scene and the man was kicked off the flight to ensure public safety. Explosive specialists were also called on the scene and after the full examination, they found that explosives were highly realistic versions of replica grenade.

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“Of course, These kinds of things still aren’t allowed and is unacceptable to bring it to airplane,” said one of the TSA officials.

The TSA team has tweeted the photo of the ceased object with the following statement, “The right way to pack a grenade is not to pack it at all. Passenger at EWR airport had this in his checked bag on Saturday. TSA contacted police, who removed the man from the plane for questioning. Explosives experts determined that it was a realistic replica, also not allowed on planes.”

On Monday morning, TSA authorities actually discovered a real missile launcher in one of the passengers who checked a bag at the Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshal International Airport.

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According to the authorities, the passenger claimed that he was bringing it home as a souvenir. TSA authorities did not arrested either passenger and there were no charges pressed against them, but both of the devices were confiscated.