“The Shot Heard Round The World” In Hong Kong Protest

Hong Kong

A Hong Kong Police Officer opened fire on a group of protesters today, Sunday August 25th, 2019 and proceed to use water cannons on the peaceful demonstrators. This is the first time, since the protests broke out in June, that a live round has been fired. Other horrifying imaged show the threatening nature of the wayward law enforcement in Hong Kong as they try to subdue these peaceful demonstrators with their firearms pointed at them.

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The people of Hong Kong are fighting a battle for their freedom through peaceful demonstrations and open discourse. However they are being met with brutality, and now apparantly the threat of lethal force seems ever more likely. As the spread of the extradition bill is reaching multiple districts now, more and more people rally to defend their rights.

Law enforcement, if you can even call them that, told the media that the shot was fired in an attempt to warn the protesters, claiming that a number of officers had been taken to the hospital as a result of the clashes.

However it was not noted by the Superintendent of police, Leung Kwok-wing , where the shot was aimed. The police were also noted as firing rubber bullets and tear gas, as well as water cannon vehicles which served the purpose of clearing large-scale crowds.

The human rights group, Amnesty International warned against the use of water cannons as they can cause serious bodily harm to individuals. Activists have openly criticized the police for their heavy hand in dealing with Chinese people who only want their rights and freedoms to be secure.

As the protesters want a solid investigation on the brutality of police when dealing with protesters, I think an act like today’s should be enough for officials to start one.

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