Streetsville Highrise Penthouse Most Expensive Listing For 2019?

Streetsville Highrise
Streetsville Highrise

Chicago is one of the biggest cities in the United States; it is no surprise that the Real Estate prices are on a booming streak. That is only when it comes to the regular buildings but when we are talking luxury; Chicago has its buyers at the Streetsville highrise Soon enough three of the luxurious Streeterville highrise penthouses will be on the market; with a hefty starting price of $14.2 million, and if you think that’s enough wait till you hear the following. You would think with this price tag they would be fully finished, but that’s not the case.

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Unlike all the other units in the Streetsville highrise, which comes with complete interiors designs by the New York-based Robert A. M. Stern, those penthouses are raw; meaning they are not complete and it’s up to the owner to design them the way they desire.

When someone is willing to pay that much for a penthouse; they already have a unique taste in style. It is no surprise they might not fit their specific taste no matter how beautiful and luxurious its designs are. What falls beneath the penthouses in the Streetsville highrise 70-story tower; 279 high-end apartments on its lower floors, and 69 condos above that. With a beautiful two-acre park known as the bennet park.

The penthouses come with an outdoor terrace; with each facing different direction with different special views like the lake and skyline. Maximizing the privacy for each of the new owners. With everything else being very flexible internally.

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Each one of the three condos in the Streetsville highrise are a full floor with exposure on all sides of the building; and comes with three parking garages spaces. The 64th floor 8,414 square feet priced at a little more than $16.8 million; the meanwhile 65th 7,582 square feet for more than $15.17 million and 66th 7,147 square feet for $14.3 million. If they sell for that price they will be the highest selling price of any property in Chicago.

The space size of these apartments seems very reasonable; and it is exactly what people are looking for in terms of size. Which can hold four to five bedrooms as well as living spaces, offices and extra!

Rafaeli assumes that the finishing cost would be around $500 to $1,500 a square foot. Which means the finishing price of each of these penthouses; would range from $3,57 million to $10.7 million plus the purchase price.