Spider-Man Booted From The MCU After Disney/Sony Dispute


A dispute which would lead to one of the greatest things in movie history: a team of superheroes, including Spider-Man, taking on all the bad guys in the universe, will now forever be a dream as Disney has booted the webslinger out of the MCU.

Sony, who has owned the rights to make movies with Spider-Man, as well as any Spider-Man games, has made billions off of the character in the last few years, most notably due to the characters affiliation with the MCU. However, to date, The Sam Raimi Spider-Man series has been Sony’s greatest series triumph garnering over $2.5 billion in box offices.

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However, The newly released Spider-Man: Far From Home is definitely Sony’s leading single movie, making $1.1 billion in the box offices since mid July. It is no wonder that Sony would not want to give up possibly its biggest money-maker, or the profits gained from it either.

That unfortunately brings us to the dispute that led to Disney’s decision to kick Tom Holland’s Spider-Man out of the MCU. That means every plan they’ve ever had with him has now gone back into the dark hole it was in before we were graced with his first appearance in the MCU with Captain America: Civil War.

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Disney wanted 50/50 profit from using Spider-Man in the MCU. When Sony declined, Disney decided to make the executive decision to kick Spider-Man from the MCU out completely, leaving many fans in shock as the synergy between the characters was as smooth as butter. What does this new turn hold for the future of the MCU? How will Sony respond?