Southwest Airline Agents Hold Contests While Flight Is Delayed

Southwest Airlines

The Southwest Airline flight from Orlando to Washington was delayed. Nothing is worse than a 2 hour and 30 minute delay on a flight, but the Airline agents decided to take the initiative and make the experience a little bit more enjoyable for the delayed passengers. They hosted games of which winners won actually vouchers, making the games rewarding as well.

“My flight to Washington DC has been delayed for almost 2 and a half hours and I was getting heated until this gate agent started playing games with everyone waiting to pass the time and now I’m like I’ll wait all damn night if you keep this up,” Kirsten Dundas tweeted on Thursday.

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The agents ghosted games like “worst drivers license picture contests,” paper airplane contests and more. Dundas confirmed that winners were awarded with $25 vouchers and merchandise from Southwest Airlines.

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While Dundas did not participate in the games, she did find entertainment in it as I am sure many more must have. After the 3 hour mark when the delay had finally ended, the passengers cheered and clapped for the agents who had made the delay so enjoyable.

In a reply tweet to Dundas Southwest airlines said,” I am glad our agent was able to make the delay a little more bearable for y’all Kristen! We hope to have you on our way ASAP.”