Salmon: ” I Can’t Breath ” And Soon To Be Extinct

salmon is dying
salmon is dying

Salmon in Alaska is dying and it is all because of global warming; scientist have been observing the slow death of the Alaskan pink salmon, sockeye and chum. It is all due to the heatwave that his Alaska this summer.

Thousands of salmon fish are now dead, and that is only the number that is in counting; but the truth is that there are tens of thousands of fish that have been dead but not counted for. Some of the fish is taken to a lab for testing and what was inside is shocking..

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Scientists at first assuming that the fish are sick or developing an infection or other fish issues; like lesions and parasites; but shockingly none of the above came back positive. Most of the dead fish were found pregnant with eggs; and the cause of death can be a result of the stress; from the heat which lowers the oxygen levels in the water.

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Climate change is resulting in a rapid and unexpected increase in the temperature levels; and it is even beating the projection in terms of increasing. It is breaking records all over the world in terms of prediction; we are now past the point we were projecting that we will reach in 50 years; that means the climate change is moving faster than ever.

The Salmon are dying due to their incapability of getting oxygen inside their bodies; the fish is suffocating alongside the eggs inside their bellies; which means that the fish are dying even before they lay eggs; which can lead to their extinction if this keeps ongoing.