Russian Authorities Arrested Hundreds Of Protestors In Moscow Outside of City Hall

Russian Authorities Arrested

Russian police arrested hundreds of demonstrators at Moscow protesting right in front of the City Hall. Protesters claim that elections are not fair and they want fair elections to take place and for the opposition candidates to be allowed to run as the city council.

According to the police report, they detained 1,054 people on Saturday afternoon.

Election officers secured opposition candidates due to not having enough signatures that were valid to nominating petitions. In Russia, opposition candidates are required to acquire at least 5,000 signatures to run for election.

Due to political reasons, election candidates were kept from the ballot. In the escalations to demonstrations, Moscow authorities gathered and also detained several high-class political leaders. Such as Dimitri Gudkov, Ivan Zhdanov and Ilya Yashin. During the same week, police arrested one of the most important leaders for the opposition, Alexei Nacalyn. Who was the cause of calling the protest. He was immediately prosecuted and sentenced to 30 years in jail.

One of the Moscow correspondent Lucian Kim tweeted on July 27th,

Moscow’s Mayor, Segei Sobyanin, has said and called demonstration protest as a “Security Threat”, and promised to stick with the public order.