Romanian Police Officer Fired After Teen Was ‘Murdered by Kidnapper’

Romanian Police

Romania’s minister of defense has fired one of the chief police officers after the death of the teenage girl whose emergency calls were unheeded for hours.

Romanian teen the 15-year-old was abducted on early Wednesday, but she managed to give officers details on where she was being taken to through the phone.

According to her family, officers did not take her call seriously and thought it was a joke, while police say that they had a difficult time trying to tracking her.

The teen, unfortunately, has thought to die from the hand of her captor. From the police report, they found some human remains and women’s accessories that the victim wore at the house she was being held.

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Police found 65-year-old man by the house and have detained him at the police station for further questioning.

The teen who was kidnapped identified Alexandra was abducted while she was trying to hitchhike back to her house in the southern city of Caracal.

On Thursday, during the morning time, she managed to make the emergency call to the 112 three times and told the emergency first responders she has been kidnapped by a car driver who had picked her up on the sidewalk.

According to Ioan Buda, the chief of police – who has now been fired from his position- Teen yelled “he’s coming, he’s coming” before the phone connection disconnected.

The police say they struggled to track down the teen’s location where she was being held.

After while authorities were able to identify the house where they believed she was being held. However, police tried to get the search warrant approved, even though it was not required by law and waited till the next day to enter the house on an early morning.

They did not take the action to search the house until 19 house, after the teen’s first emergency call.

During the search, police gathered up human remains for analysis and sent to the lab. There they found some parts belonging to Alexandra as well as 18-year-old that went missing in April.

The minister Nicolae Moga said the reason police chief was fired was due to not following the proper emergency protocol.