Recycling Centers Are Closing In California Heres Why.

recycling center
Redemption Centers closure in California

RePlanet San Jose, known as California’s largest recycling redemption center; are shutting down their operations on Monday laying off 750 employees. The company president David Lawrence; releasing that the closing of the 284 centers was due to the high business costs; and the decrease recycled aluminum and PET plastic

According to the non-profit that observes issues in the recycling industry; Consumer Watchdog nearly more than 40% of all recycling companies; have been closing down in the past five years. The reason behind the closing is because they are are only getting half the amount they got before on cans.

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China used to buy most of the U.S. recallable material; but with time they are becoming stricter about the material they are accepting. With all the closing happening it will result in the garbage that is recyclable into ending up in landfills. The low aluminum and plastic are making the whole process less profitable to recycle those materials; advocates are fighting to push the state to make some changes. In order to help the recycling centers receive better compensation.

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Many of California’s homeless rely on these recycling centers for their income since many collect and recycle cans for income,

Now many San Francisco Bay Area residents have few or no options for redeeming their recyclables; which is especially concerning for those who live in poverty or experience homelessness and rely on recycling for income.