Newborn Baby Died After Mom Gave Birth Intoxicated

Newborn Dead

A Minnesota woman was charged with manslaughter this Wednesday after found guilty, prosecutors said her infant baby died from being intoxicated after she was out drinking while being pregnant.

Authorities describe her as 29-years-old Rianna Marie Cameron with two counts of 2nd-degree manslaughter after her infant daughter found unresponsive inside the family home on December 30th.

According to a filed criminal report, a man called “Rogers” Police Facility at around 8:39 P.M. to report that his baby had been found unconscious and infants’ mom, Cameron, was found lying nearby fully disoriented. At the sence both infant and mother were connected by an umbilical cord, thinking that Rianna had unexpectedly given a birth to the little infant.

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Soon after the arrival of the police, they found that the newborn was purple and was not breathing. They immediately began to give CPR until the first responding paramedics arrived at the scene. The baby was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Prosecutors said: She had been drinking since 5:00 P.M. during that time, she allegedly consumed more than a liter of whiskey.

At the time she was 34-weeks-pregnant. According to the autopsy report of the infant, it showed that the baby’s blood-alcohol level was 0.234′.

Police said Cameron has a history of alcohol abuse according to the reports. Starting in 2015, child protection services have been involved in this matter. She has gone through multiple different treatment options, her latest treatment was attended 15 days prior to her infant’s death.