Missouri Walmart “Threat” Actually Just Man Testing His Rights


Dmitriy Andreychenko entered the Walmart heavily armed in an attempt to what he claims as “to know if that Walmart honoured the second amendment.” This what he just told police after his arrest, is the reason he came to the shop heavily armed with what prosecutors are calling a ‘terrorist threat.’

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If found guilty Andreychenko could face 4 years and a $10,000. On August 8th, the twenty-year-old walked into Walmart with an AR-15, a pistol, and a ballistic vest while recording himself. “This is Missouri, I understand if we were somewhere else like New York or California, people would freak out,”  he told officers.

During an investigation, further evidence that Andreychenko meant no harm as interviews with his wife and sister both gave clear insight into his intentions. His wife told authorities how she felt about it, that “people were going take this seriously due to recent events.”

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His sister said that he asked her to video tape the whole ordeal, but when she refused, he took matters into his own hands and recorded it by himself, claiming it was a ‘social experiment.’ The store manager however believed that he was saving the lives of innocent people by calling authorities immediately. Authorities held him at gunpoint as they disarmed and detained him. Mr Andreychenko is being held on a $10,000 bond, and will not be allowed to possess a firearm if he does make bail.