Lion Attack Hunter In Big Horn Park near Denver

Mountain lion attack
Mountain lion attack

A hunter in Colorado was in Big Horn Park area near by Denver when he got attacked; by wild mountain lion, the shocking parts is that only one came out alive.

The hunter fought back with all his strength to keep himself safe from the vicious lion attack, and the park rangers said that the hunter did exactly what anyone should do in that case.

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The Hunter says that he spotted the animal before the lion attack occurrence; and he slowly backing without turning his back to the lion; then tripping and falling and that when the attack happens. The lion scratches the hunter’s legs but luckily the hunter had a pocket knife on him; thinking fast and stabbing the lion in the face and thats when the lion runs off.

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Authorities later tracked down the lion; finding him nearby the area where he also tries to attack them. They decided to put the angry cat down after he tries to attack the authorites dogs

The Authorities tries to understand the reason behind the aggression and lion attack, and they found grass in his stomach after the performance of a necropsy. Which means that the lion was likely hungry during the attack.