Liam Hemsworth Divorces Miley Cyrus After Only 7 Months Of Their Marriage


It’s over. The romance that had fans in a craze for 7 moths has now been officially liquidized. Liam Hemsworth filed for divorce with partner Miley Cyrus after 7 months of marriage. he reason for the split? “Irreconcilable differences” as said by Liam.

Likely a decision made by the general R-rated stories one of which involve accusation toward Miley for having sexual relations with one Kaitlynn Carter having intercourse one weekend at a club.

Shortly following a public display o affection between the two only to be shadowed by a new break up anthem by Miley Cyrus, “Slide Away.” This one song alone left concerned fans friends and family wondering about the status of her seemingly perfect relationship with Liam.

The news frist broke out when Miley was on vacation with Carter who has just recently split off with Jenner. Miley could be seen not wearing her wedding ring and later confirmed that the two had officially split.

While Hemsworth hasn’t said a word about Mileys new single, his fans sure took to defending him. Peoples Magazine stated, “she isn’t trying to hurt Hemsworth.” The song was a simple means for Miley to express how she felt about the situation without being too direct.

The pair had met each other way back in 2010 on the set of the movie title called The Last Song and according to Miley she herself was in no notable rush to push for a divorce with Liam.

After it all, Miley returned to he home in California with their pets and Hemsworth returned to Australia to get in some much needed bro-time.